lunes, 21 de julio de 2008

Miembros del Parlamento británico critican la política ferroviaria de su gobierno

Según parlamentarios británicos, la estrategia de su gobierno para el ferrocarril carece de ambición y debería ser revisada en tanto en cuanto los altos precios del combustible obliguen a los automovilistas a abandonar sus vehículos.
"After years of sustained growth in rail patronage, we urge the government to be bolder in its vision and to set out a proper long-term strategy," says the report. It adds that the high-level output statement (HLOS) that set out the railway strategy for 2009 to 2014 was based on models that assumed an average oil price far below $100 a barrel. With oil expected to stay above that level for the foreseeable future, the MPs say, demand for rail travel could exceed expectations as commuters and families are forced to use cars less.

"We think the government needs to consider making adjustments to the HLOS. We believe the massive increases in oil prices over the past year, and the fact that prices are expected to remain very high for the foreseeable future represent such a case."
Artículo (en inglés): The Guardian: MPs urge rethink of government rail plan

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